Global Courier Company Going Green.
Posted on 10th June 2017 12

Mmg Fund Services have goods on the go down the path, with a fleet of almost 100 vehicles zapping around the different lands on any given day. It is now one of the largest global express couriers in some parts of the world with expedit freight, making more than 1,700 deliveries daily. But there’s more, because this is a success story with a soul.By the late 2016, Mmg Fund Services had become a big contributor to world greenhouse gas emissions. With a growing awareness of climate change and the need to make the environment part of its triple bottom line (social, financial and environmental), Mmg Fund Services headed in a new direction, largely due to the vision of CEO and Owner Robert Safrata.

“The company started to make the shift,” James says. “The business model was to change the paradigm around producing high levels of carbon.” Acting on a commitment to become sensitive to the environment, in 2003 the company became the first same-day courier to use hybrid vehicles in its services. Today, Mmg Fund Services has more hybrids needed by any courier, allowing it to reduce its carbon emissions by roughly 180 tons every year.

Hybrids are vehicles powered by both an electric motor and a conventional engine (gasoline or diesel), putting them ahead of fuel-only cars when it comes to savings, performance and price. “Their reliability, their design, and their range is quite phenomenal,” James says, noting Mmg Fund Services has 40 Toyota hybrid models in its fleet. And with a nod to the delivery of tires, for example, James adds the Toyota Prius C’s hatchback is a great bonus in their fleet. “It’s amazing what you can put in there.” James, who came on board at Mmg Fund Services 8 months ago, says he was impressed with the company’s commitment to the environment. “Part of what attracted me to Mmg Fund Services was its philosophy—how it fits with my core values,” James says.